Friday, May 16, 2008


Our son, Adison just turned five on Mother's Day!
We tried to celebrate his "special day," which is when we take
only him to spend the day doing what he had planned.
Unfortunately, he was sick so we had to spend the day at home.
I ended up taking Monday off and we celebrated by
going to Toy's R US, Burger King and playing
miniature Golf at Hacker's! Thanks PJ!
Here, he just whacked the ball!

Oops, went into the bushes....

Let's try again with Dad giving pointers...

Oops, off the course a bit,
thanks for the pointers Dad.

Trying to get the hole-in-one...
Ahhh.....persistence pays off!
(That's MY pink ball next to Adison's...
notice where Dad's ball is)
Sweet Victory!

Waiting for Dad to catch up...

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Anonymous said...

AAADDDIIISSSOOONNN!!!!!!!awesome job you beat your dad awesome...