Friday, June 6, 2008

I Saw RED day 4....

My husband & I have been together for 16 years.....I am so fortunate to have him in my life.... He is a wonderful husband, amazing dad to our four children and truly my best friend. We have a great relationship & even after all of these years together, we still like to surprise one another.......Last winter, I was leaving for work & he warmed my car for me and when I went out, he had written "I Love You" in the snow on my windshield....I still smile when I think about was so sweet. However, before the snow fell, he surprised me with what he called an "upgrade," see below.......careful, it'll knock your socks off.....
I still haven't found the pair I wore that day.


Thanks Honey.....I know you tell me I am your princess, but now I sparkle like one too!

SMOOCH you Hunka Hunka Burn'n Love!!

(My kids will love this part, they like to tell us to "get a room" ..hahaha!)

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