Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adison 6.5 Years Old

I heart Adison Baxter....he's my six year old
little firecracker..... At this very moment,
he is in love with his Mama..... He has told
me since he could talk, "I heart you Mama."
He came up with the phrase on his own &
I LOVE it!
When I went to Tennesee in January,
my family picked me up in the airport,
and just as you see in the movies, the
kids were running at me with arms
open wide....only Adison also had his
shirt up.....he had snuck into the
bathroom and wrote I heart MOM
across his chest!
I hope he will always feel this way about
his Mama.....because I know I will feel that
way about him.
He is going to be our little artist...
he is an aspiring guitar player &
is currently enrolled in hip hop lessons!


Diane said...

Oh Adison, you are such a sweetie...will I be seeing you on "Idol" in a few years??? "I'll vote for ya"!!! Great you guys!!!

Nichole said...

These are awesome pics. I LOVE the guitar. He is so cute - can you still say that at that age? ;)