Thursday, December 3, 2009

For Julie & Kelly....

What a beautiful, soft-spoken young lady "A" is....
I could tell that she enjoyed having her pic taken,
and it made my *job* FUN! I love making my clients
proud of their images...."A," you should be proud of
this look beautiful :)

Little cousin, "N" was so handsome! He reminded me
of a little butterball....likely since Thanksgiving just passed,
but in any case, I LOVE this stage...rolls, rolls and more rolls!

this is "N's" big brother, "S..."
I think "S" should be for spunky! He was such a little
charmer! I can tell he is a little mischevious one like
my Adison......Mom said, "it's a good thing he is so cute!"
How could you ever get mad at a face like this?? So cute!
Oh my.....what a beauty "S" sweet to
her younger brothers. I can tell she is such a
big help to her Mama!

Time for a nap!

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