Thursday, December 3, 2009

For April & Rachel.....

What a group of troopers! The minute we met,
it started to rain! It was really chilly out too...
We decided to take shelter for a few minutes
and see if it would clear long enough.....
They never complained, or whined....
they were just full of smiles! I am totally
impressed with their spirit!


Thanks so much to all of you for looking into my lens!!!

I love that "D" brought along her "dolly,"
that's the name she told me she gave her :)
Their outfits matched one another too, so cute!

Sweet, polite & handsome. right Mom?
Maybe he is different at home, but "E"
was such a kind, cooperative young man!
"H," your spirit and giggles are contagious!
You did an awesome job, look how
pretty you are.....

Another "H," this girly was a giggler too and
enjoys photographer herself! My kind of girl!
"H," beautiful & a bubbly spirit!
"E," you are such a pretty young lady!
Your sisters have an excellent role
model to follow! Kepp your happy spirit!

Spunky! I loved trying to catch up to "A!"
She was full of energy! Can you believe this
hair??? Some women are lucky to have this
much in a lifetime! Beautiful!!

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