Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For Amy!!!!

Family pics are like pulling teeth for
some Mama's, who am I kidding???.....
for ALL Mom's! Just the idea of picking
out coordinating outfits, getting everyone
ready the day of, listening to everyone
commenting on how horrible it will by and
asking WHY do we have to do this??????!!!! :)
Well, thankfully for Amy, this was not the case!
(wink*) She has an awesome sense of fashion,
and a very outgoing, fun, beautiful family,
who LOVES getting pics taken!!
I LOVE watching families have fun together!
It gives me and MOM and chance to show
how painless it is to have your pics taken!
So, NEXT time, yes, there will be a next time,
everyone will be excited to come....right Tim? Jake? :)
Anywhoo- enough rambling, thanks so much for
letting me savor these moments for your family!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YAY! Im so excited. I enjoy laughing at some, thinking what lead up to them. And when we were done, even MY family had to admit how painless Lori made this day! Thank you so much Lori, I cant wait to see the rest!