Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trying to catch up!

I have been swamped lately with sessions..
Thanks to all of you for that!!! I am starting
to dig myself out and make some progress
on editing! I think at this point I have 14
sessions left to edit! Luckily, I have the
most patient clients ever! *wink-wink*
I had the pleasure of photographing my niece &
nephew with their Mama recently! We had such
a good time getting these. I love spending time
with all of you, thanks for a great evening and
for the wings afterwards! Love you so much!

Dylan's hair styled by Uncle Carey :)
Sarah, you have grown into a beautiful young lady....
I still would give anything to have you,
Mariah & Ally little again!!!
Their Mama......trying not to crack up :)


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