Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Off - Roading with the Wagley's

This was the first time I rode on an ATV to get
to our "backdrop" destination! hahaha! I met
up with the Wagley family on their property
for these photographs...they plan to build here
soon and thought the pics would have special
meaning to have them here beforehand. We
rode on their ATV to explore the property,
so much fun! Let me tell you, this is a
beautiful piece of land.....I think there is
room for a neighbor too....ahem...... you know,
a photographer-type neighbor, hahaha!
The kids were so fun to watch because they
are clones of their parents! I went to school
with Mom and Dad and it's always fun to see
them with their families. Thanks for spending
time with me and my lens.

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