Monday, July 7, 2008

I am so proud to annouce.....

That I am an affiliated photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to
Sleep. I am very passionate about this organization and their mission.

On November 26, 2003, my younger brother & I were at the hospital saying our last goodbyes to our Grandfather when we received a call that his son was about to make his way into this world, but that something was terribly wrong. They were at a different hospital 20 minutes away. We drove as quickly as we could and cried the whole way....I remember praying over & over in my heart that he would make it...I pleaded with God....but He had a greater purpose for Gabreal and took him home.

I remember so vividly seeing my brother in such incredible was unbearable to see him cry and I remember hugging him and never wanting to let go. My immediate instinct to comfort he & Mom was to turn to my camera. I knew it would be hard to do, but wanted them to be able to *see* him whenever they wanted. I think I caught most of my family off guard with my suggestion, but when it came time for our final goodbyes, we were all so very thankful for them. I knew at that moment, that if I could take photos of my nephew, through my tears, through their pain, that I could comfort other families and connect with them in a way like no other...and capture their beautiful children for them to *see* whenever they needed it.

I thank the Lord for all of the opportunities he has presented and for the many blessings in my life.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing that!! Working in labor & delivery I know how hard it can be to take those pictures, but they are priceless. We use the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep photographers at our hospital and appreciate them so much.

Purple Rose of Sharon's Blog said...

I can't imagine how heart wrenching such a photo session might be for you. I know how much you love children. But, what a wonderful gift you're giving to families in their darkest hours of grief.

I write this through tears as I've just finished watching the photos on the Now I Lay Me Down to
Sleep website.

- Sharon

Nichole said...

I saw their website months ago looking at photographer websites and cried and still do at the photos.

Being able to capture their limited time with their child is an amazing gift and I think you are wonderful for doing this.